French Manicure Application

French manicure is highly popular, and it truly has a beautiful look to it, but people nowadays do not have the time or money to go to the nail salon to get their nails done. So we thought about a way to help you have the style you deserve without wasting time and money.

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What you need

For starters, you are going to need a nail polish remover, some cotton, a bowl of warm water, hydrogen peroxide, a bottle of shampoo, hand moisturizer, a handy cuticle pusher, and basecoat. Then, you should opt for link pint varnish and white nail paint as well. You should also get those french tip guides, top coat, and cuticle oil.

How to apply

Start by preparing your nails by removing any existing varnish and varnish traces using a remover that is acetone-free, as acetone does damage your nails.

Dip your nails in the bowl of warm water, but make sure to add the hydrogen peroxide and a bit of shampoo in the water before hand.

When you place your hands in the water, take note of the time and take them off the water after fifteen minutes have elapsed.

After you take off, massage your nails with the cuticle oil for about ten minutes and push back your cuticles after the massage is done.

Now apply the base coat to the nails, and you should let it air dry completely before continuing.

When the basecoat dries off, simply paint the nails with the light pink varnish and let it air dry before carrying on to the next vital step.

It is time to place the French manicure

Paint your nail tips with the white varnish and remove the tips with the varnish still wet. This is when you will clean nail polish on your cuticles by using the nail polish remover q-tips.

Apply and let the topcoat air dry and add cuticle oil to provide your nails with added nourishment.

An easier alternative

For those wanting to apply French manicure at home, there are some base French manicure kits you can buy that sfsdfdsfsdfdsfdgdfgfhghffhfghfgfhare pretty affordable, but you should make sure they contain the following items:

The French tip guides, white nail polish, pink or neutral color varnish, the topcoat and if it has toe tip guides and rhinestones then it is a bonus.

With this guide, now you are ready to apply that look even without going to the salon.

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